PIG’S EAR or silk purse?

Does your Online Marketing bring home the bacon?

Having a professional online presence is essential for your business today.

Your future customers are online, and you need to make sure you reach the right prospects at the right time, in the right place, and in the right way…

You need a fast, secure website; a lead generation system that gets you the leads that will become your customers and a way of delighting these customers so they come back again. 

Your competitors won’t stand still and neither can you.

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Google now processes over 40,000 searches every second.
Facebook is used at least once a day by around 44 % of the UK online population

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Have You Got These

8 Crucial Things Covered?

Your brand is consistent

At the heart of your business lies your brand – the values that your company or product stands for. Making sure this is consistent across in your website and Social Media presence is vital to building trust.

You're active on Social Media

Your customers and prospects use one or more Social Media platforms. Although they’re not always in business-mode when they’re online, you must avoid being ‘out-of-sight and out-of-mind’.

Insights into analytics and stats

Measuring and analysing what happens on your website tells you what’s working and what isn’t. Get this in place from Day 1 and you’ll have some great insights to help make great decisions.


Search Engines love you

Search Engines need to know what your site is about and this has to be  crystal clear to your visitors. If your site isn’t found for what you provide or sell, you’re losing prospects and sales.

Site looks great on a phone

With more people searching on a phone (over 60% of searches start on a phone) you must have a site that behaves properly on a mobile device – not just a tiny version of your desktop site.


Your website is secure

Your site needs to be secure to give people the confidence that they are dealing with a company that takes security seriously. This is where you see the https:// at the front of the domain name.

Your website is FAST

How quickly your site loads determines how likely people are to stay. Research by Google shows that 47% of visitors will abandon a site that is slow to load. This is even higher on a mobile device.

Remarketing Rocks!

What about the people that visit your site and then move on to a competitor site? Remarketing helps to find them wherever they are and get them back to your site. Do this right, and you’ll see the difference!

Start with a Great Site!

Your website is most often the first contact a new prospect will have with your business.

The experience they have will determine how they perceive your business, and in their mind, whether you can actually help solve their problem.

They’ll probably visit your site on a phone first; research is done on the train, waiting for a cab, in the coffee shop….

Announced in March 2018, Google has a mobile first policy.

If your site isn’t mobile optimised, your potential clients will find another site that’s easier to use, quicker to load and just ‘simpler’.

No-one has the time.

If your site IS optimised for phones, then you are on the way!

Success Stories

Innovative, pragmatic and capable. John is perhaps one of the most enthusiastic providers I have met. Always giving of his knowledge and advise on the simplest ways to deliver value.

I would highly recommend John to virtually any size organisation who seeks to modernise their internet, social media and website presence and develop new income streams.

Georges Philips

Change Architect, Author, Speaker, Trainer, GP Associates

I have worked with John on various projects for about 8 years now and he has always manage to exceed our expectations and produce fantastic results. I judge the work he does by how it reflects on my bank balance and any money I’ve spent with John has always come back tenfold over. I will continue to work with John for many more years. To be honest I can’t afford not to. John is a vital part of earning the income I need to earn.

Wayne Brooks

Owner, Jetboard Ltd

Working with John has been and still is a pleasure. He understands my lack of knowledge surrounding SEO and helps to assure me of his progress throughout his work.

My business has seen a huge increase in revenue as a direct result of the work John has done for me. I work with him continuously and he never fails to deliver great results.

Scott Randall

Managing Director, Phoenix Performance Centre

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