Love WordPress…

Hate Looking After Your WordPress Website ?

If you’ve been doing it yourself, you’ll know that maintaining a WordPress site isn’t a walk in the park – Plugin conflicts, Slow loading, PHP errors….

And the constant need to keep up with latest secure versions of plugins and WordPress itself…

It’s costing more than you think.

Time you could be doing something more productive and relevant to your business!

We can take this hassle away with one of our WordPress Care Plans; all our plans include Superfast Hosting and a secure SSL Certificate.


Which one suits you ?

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So What Do You Get …

WordPress Updates

How do you currently handle WordPress updates ?

 Here’s what we’ll do

  • Automated backups prior to every update
  • Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Review of the WordPress site directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result.


Regular backups are a protection of your investment.

Imagine if an employee introduced some unwanted updates to your content, or a hacker targeted your site…

Having a freshly saved copy of your site is critical to reversing the damage and getting your site back up and running.


It happens. Someone makes a change and it causes the site to break…

We’ll get it fully restored from a previous backup!

SSL Certification

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

Technically, It’s “a protocol used to encrypt and authenticate the data sent between an application (like your browser) and a web server.”

The result is a more secure web for both you and the visitors to your website.

More importantly, Google is now alerting visitors about sites without SSL with a warning.

There’s no reason not to do it!

Technical Support

Depending on your chosen plan, we have different response times and methods. All Technical Support is provided by email or Live Chat

  • Economy : 48 hour response
  • Business : 24 hour response
  • First : 2 -4 hour response

Website Updates

These are those jobs like “Can you change this image?” or “Can you add this text to xxx section?”

To make it simple, if it’s something we can do in 30 minutes, then it’s included in your plan as a Website Update.

If it’s a major job like ‘Add a new page or section’, we’ll quote you for this as it falls outside the scope of the Plans.

A Very Fast Site Fast

The speed of your site is very important; firstly, it makes for a better user experience – People leave sites that don’t load quickly – and secondly, Google uses it as a ranking factor in determining where your site should rank.

We’ve several things that help this

All Plans have Superfast Hosting, and on the Business and First plans, you’ll also get

  • Regular Database Maintenance (optimised tidiness)
  • Cloudflare for security and speed improvements
  • A Content Distribution Network (fast delivery of content)

Making Your Site Fast

With 52% of all security breaches attributed to plugins, 37% to the core, and 11% to themes, you can’t afford to be lax about issuing updates as soon as they come through.

We’ll apply the patches within 48 hours of release, keeping your site secure and safe!


Answers to Your Questions

Am I tied to a Contract ?
No. Even if you pay Annually, you can cancel at any time and we’ll refund the unused part of your subscription
I've more than one website. Do you offer discounts ?
Yes, we offer discounts for customers wanting us to manage multiple websites for them. Please contact us for our latest prices or more information.
How often do you do the updates?
We check all the websites we manage on a daily basis. When core, theme or plugin updates are pending, we carry out the updates right away.
Where are my backups stored?
For maximum security, we store backups in an offsite location. We use a number of offsite storage solutions
Do you really do unlimited tasks?
Yes. Unlimited small tasks include any task that takes us less than 30 minutes to complete.

"I've been working with John for a number of years and whilst I enjoy looking after my own website, his monthly insights into the site performance and recommendations have been invaluable"